Brahma Kumaris Dhanbad

Brahma Kumaris Dhanbad
Brahma Kumaris Dhanbad

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day - 31st May

Free From Addiction is POSSIBLE

START IT NOW... CHANGE is POSSIBLE. If you know someone who is addicted to Tobacco, a friend, in family, in office, Just show them that you care for them. Share this video with them as this video contains strong powerful tool of positive affirmations that can make them leave tobacco. Do it for yourself, Do it for others . QUIT TOBACCO NOT LIFE.
Quit Tobacco Quietly..

You can leave it easily. There is no hard and fast rule for it. 

Mind is everything. Make your mind a sweet child and talk to it nicely. Watch this small video first to recharge yourself(soul) and then continue reading. Here is the small commentary video on DeAddiction.

It is all about using your mind in worthwhile way. Waste thought is the greatest weapon of mind, it will attack on you by this weapon to divert you from your goal. You check, you have to use your thought power in worthwhile way.
Check out this video. Check out this wonderful live experience of one person:

Mind is our friend and enemy both. We are a soul and soul has it subtle parts, mind, intellect and sanskara. Due to previous bad karmas, bad sanskar, our mind is working based on those activities. Now we have to change it in worthwhile. We have to fill it positive affirmations and thoughts like I am a powerful soul. I am a deity soul. I am an angel. My living style is like angel. Such affirmations will make your mind satyugi again. When your mind has started like this, it will become your new satyugi sanskar and old sanskar will become weak. And that will the stage when you(soul) can control your all physical organs. Now you are not going to say like this:

What to do? It happens. I did not want it, but it happened. People say such statement when someone has controlled them. They have been trapped by someone(negative energy). You do not have your own control. It means your soul has become very weak and you have to recharge it by remembering the GOD by the Rajyoga Meditation. GOD said, remember me, your all sins will be over and your souls will be recharged again. Check out these Brahma kumaris exhibition on deaddiction. You can learn the Rajyoga meditation by visiting any nearby Brahma Kumaris centre or visit for online free rajyoga meditation courses. 

तम्बाकू, बीड़ी, सिगरेट छुड़ाने के घरेलु उपाय

I am sharing some no tobacco day videos of Brahma kumaris and check out how many people have been benefited from this Brahmakumaris deaddiction program:

World No Tobacco Day | Medical Wing (RERF) | Brahma Kumaris

राजयोग से बने व्यसन मुक्त - No Tobacco Day - 31st May - BK Suraj bhai

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